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What's Good... It's Fevir. Today I want to talk about Fortnite. This is a game I've been playing quite heavilythis last little bit.. so I thought I'd speak on it. To just cut to the bottom line.. this is agreat game- that I can't recommend. And that might sound really strange to hear..but I'll try to break down why that's the case. Fortnite as a game.. is a co-op, up to 4 player..hero based.. lobby based... survival slash tower defense.. slash.. a whole bunch of othert The game boils down to joining a type of mission from a selection of different mission types that amount to defending a point, rescuing survivors, building structures .. all while defending against hordes and hordes of zombies. And because it is part of that Zombie genre..scavenging the surrounding areas for materials is also core to the game.. and besides usingan assortment of weapons.. from rifles to grendade launchers..

golf clubs to can choose from a number of different heroes- that have specific abilities and passivesto allow them to excel at different things.. you also have free reign to both destroy mostof what is on a map.. but also build structures using an incredibly intuitive, simple.. yetpowerful building function- and then dress your structures up with traps to better managethe zombie menace. This is where the tower defense thing kindof comes into play. Now all of this.. is done in these prettylarge open maps- that are procedurally generated.. with a decent amount of variation for youto explore. They will contain your main objective.. butalso contain these randomly spawned additional missions.. so you could be meant to defenda point.. but while running around the map you may find a person being chased by zombies..that you can help out.. you may find a rift that houses a very strong.. almost minibosstype zombie that you're rewarded for killing. Looking at the game.. it's incredibly stylized-the writing and the humor of the portions that have quest and narrative is great.. thegunplay looks a lot worse than it feels. The act of playing Fortnite is great. It's a fun game.. better yet, it's a fun co-opgame. All of this stuff.. is what is great aboutFortnite. The gameplay listed above is very addicting-the building on it's own.. is incredible and you're even given multiple home bases- thatyou can create these persisitent structures of your own or visit your friends.. that youcan easily sink hours and hours trying to perfect.. and something I liked a lot morethan I should.. are the lengths of each mission.. generally ranging from about 15-30 minuteseach.. and are gated by a clock so it helps to hold that speed run mentality off.. a bit. Now at this point.. I probably have about 60 hours in the game..and it's still fun to play. Where Fortnite falls for me.. is everywhereelse. Now we'll touch on a bunch of issues.. butI'll start with the progression. I'm not going to go into a huge amount ofdetail.. because explaining each piece of Fortnite's progression.. will sound convoluted..because it is. Instead of picking and choosing specific progressionor customization structures that make sense for the game.. it almost feels like Fortnitecollects them.. this leads to an untuitive interface and menu clusterfuck.. that givesthe illusion of complexity.. when it ends up just being a lot of knobs to tune. But the crux of the problem.. is that basicallyeverything in the game- outside of the act of building. Exists as a card. So your hero, your weapons, your survivors-which is a Fortnight themed system that is most comparable to armor, your traps, your defenders.. your everything. Exist with a rarity, level and tier. Rarity is color coded and should seem familiarto you from other online RPGs.. grey, green, blue.. purple.. etc. 

Level- instead of earning experience throughuse- experience exists as an item that you earn as a reward from missions.. or by destroying a card- higher levels.. means more power. And tier.. denoted by the star.. that if you're familiar with mobile games- this would be the awakening or evolution.. but without going into it.. this represents level thresholds and additional strength. Now why this is important to go over.. is that when it comes to progression in this game- or getting stronger. There are 2 main forms. There is the progression that you can strengthening the cards you have.. with experience to level them up- or paying missions to level your account up.. which lets you put skill points into a tree. But there is a limit... or rather a wall..or better yet, a cap. You can max out those levels- but progression is hinged on your specific cards rarities.. as that increases the amount of times they can be leveled up.. or the amount of abilities on a hero.. or bonuses attached to a weapon. This doesn't sound too bad.. until we talk about the second form of progression.. a form you can't chase. There exists a secondary skill tree, the research tree.. where you earn points passively over real world time.. and as long as you login for the day and collect your research points.. 

you will innately grow stronger over time..and then.. the true cap of your strength is obtaining cards.. but not only the right cards..but the right cards in the right rarities. And the only reliable way to do this is through the use of Vbucks.. the game's premium currency, mainly acquired through spending real buy.. loot boxes.. or as they are called here- llamas. There is a small amount of Bucks awarded sporadically through playing.. to the extent of around 1 llama every 2-3 days... and the tutorial phases of the game.. just throw them at you initially to get you started. And progression turns into hoping that the right thing drops.. a higher quality version than what you already have.. and not to conflate it even further.. but most drops also have an aRPG like randomness to it.. with properties or effects that are randomized as well. Which not to pile on to the game.. many of which either have graphical bugs.. or the bonuses don't currently function properly..there is no way to target specific things, you can get duplicates.. and in an act of goodwill with their consumer.. because the monetization of the game has been a concern for the years of testing the game has had under NDA- just recently they gave their players15 llamas.. this is the equivalent of about a month or more of what you can earn as a free player.. I earned 1 side grade. RNG is a fickle bitch.. and besides the legendary cards I got for buying my founder's pack.. probably close to $100 worth of llamas.. andI haven't gotten any legendary guns, melee weapons, heroes, defenders or traps... and that's the second highest rarity. And this.. unchaseable progression is what the community has been calling the wall.. which essentially is just saying your progression is capped by something you don't really have control over.. with effort. So this wall.. exists because.. let's pretend you have leveled up everything as far as you can. That's not realistic for most people.. asone of the game's systems.. which is best compared to armor in other games.. is basically64 equipped items.. that are all leveled up individually.. not to mention a rather extensive skill tree... that would require one hell of a grind... but let's say you could. Your top level strength.. is 100% tied to your luck in the rolls of those llamas- and even something more specific like a legendary gun vs an epic gun.. the difference is large.. and so for me.. someone who has spent a couple hundred bucks on the game- I have a less powerful account and character.. than my friend whoI gave me his account and he's spent nothing. It's RNG progression- but unlike say an RPG where this is done via running maps or killing bosses over and over again- where you are limited only by your effort and time. Fortnite is done through limited.. lootboxRNG- it's like saying.. you can run 1 rift or 1 map every 2 days.. or you can spend money. Pretty literal definition of pay to.. maybe..and probably not.. progress.


THAT ALL SAID - I personally don't have a problem with this type of system. I've been pretty transparent in the past thatI enjoy gacha style games- which takes a lot of inspiration from.. there is room for games like this although not everyone will feel that way- trading card games like magic are still wildly successful.. and I just don't trust people who play who don't enjoy opening up a fresh pack. What I find matters more.. is the way the game surrounding the system is delivered- it can be shitty if the game is balanced around needing certain RNG drops.. or having a competitive mode.. two things that Fortnite doesn't have or do. But it requires a mentality shift.. it's a game you can't binge.. or rather.. doesn't reward you for binging.. so playing 12 hours over the weekend.. might not progress you as much.. as if you just played an hour a day over the week.. and RNG can trump all that effort. This style has pros and cons.. I look at some of the gacha style games Ido play.. Summoners War and FFBE and these are games that have managed to maintain almost daily attention from me.. for over a year each. Something very few games do.. but.. I know how shitty the system can be.. andhow exploitive it feels.. as well as not being common in a game like this.. which.. is whyI can't recommend it... if you don't know what you're getting into.. and.. without boring you or appearing to further rationalize.. It's a shitty implementation of a gacha system. But what's more.. and this is a real problem. These types of games.. quite often have very long similarities.. unrealistic grind attached to them.. and generally only work well in tandem with things like daily, weekly, monthly and holiday events.. to dress up the grind-give more limited time rewards or freebies or goals to active players. To add novelty and give you short goals to focus on while you make progress on longer tail goals unknowingly. And the developers have said.. they are looking to make Fortnite be a platform that they will add onto in the future.. events interest them..but I'm getting the feeling they are trying to substitute that.. with the procedurally generated worlds and this alert style, limited time rewards for running the same mission...which won't work... and people.. throughout all the tests.. burn out hard.. and you're already seeing it now. And knowing how small the team is.. knowing how slow development went during the closed alpha under NDA- mega bacon and base recycler..for a bit of street cred there. It can be hard enough to keep up a content schedule in a mobile game.. that just does 2D sprites without real animation.. let alone3D models or new biomes or prefabs to put into a game like this. So I'm worried.. they won't be able to have enough of an aggressive event system or changing reason to log into the game... which at this point is a comment that.. will be met.. with something I haven't even mentioned. People are bound to say.. Dude.. it still has time to flesh itself out. It's in Early Access. Now, you guys know my feelings about earlyaccess.. it's a dumb phrase that means next to nothing at the best of times.. and themoment you can pay in for access.. and especially if there is further monetization onto thosepeople who have already paid- outside just testing the system... it's basically released..and the phrase exists only as armor. Usually these are even the peak profits for these games- the most buzz they'll get.. and will roll into release.. with not a big fuss. But Fortnite.. god damn.. and I might get a little heated here. They have taken the phrase.. and bent it over. So let's start small.. and build. The latest early access release of Fortnitehad a headstart period for founder's.. they have confirmed.. there will also be no morewipes.. they have also been blasting out marketing which of course includes sponsored streamsand influencer content.. and while if you look online.. you will clearly be able tosee that it is labeled as early access... that is more the exception than the rule..and when I go to the Playstation store.. nowhere before I bought it does it mention it's in earlyaccess... or even beta. Interestingly.. Dreadnought and Destiny 2 are recent examplesof having a games art- show that it wasn't a real release- so it's not that they couldn'tdo it.. and I haven't seen it with my own eyes because I don't use an XBOX.. but apparentlyXBOX has a section for both early access or in development games.. and released games..and guess which section Fortnite shows up in. Released. Offline.. it's even worse... I took these images from Gamestop.. today.. I also checked Bestbuy, Walmart, Shopper'sDrug Mart.. which is a pharmacy and a couple other places.. all had physical copies ofthe game- no indication on the game itself that it was in early access.. and asking everyclerk about the game even seeing it in store flyers.. no one knew, no warning or indicationthat it was an unfinished early access game. Now mentioning this online you get a ton ofpeople.. almost victim shaming.. saying.. you should do research before you buy a gameand if you don't that's on you.. let me just say.. from my experience havinghad my own game shop.. something dumb like 50% of people buying physical games were adultsbuying them for their children or nephews or presents... and that would go even higherin non-gaming centric places like say a Walmart. It's also neat that it is selling for notonly above what they sell base access for on PC- which is then playable on at leastthe PS4.. but the game is sold at full new release price.. and let me tell you.. thegame is great. But the game isn't complete- and it's notthat I didn't get my money's worth of entertainment.. it's that it's being sold under an assumptionthat it is complete.. and I mean.. the company taking the steps to not only get the gamelisted on the online stores.. and Playstation is notorious for not allowing most early accesstitles.. or going through the steps needed to ship physical copies.. like.. why not justwait.. until your actual release- which I haven't mentioned is next year.. and the gamewill be free to play... or fuck.. put a sticker on it.. or add a blurb in the PlaystationStore about it being early access.. or create a custom early access thumbnail for the gameonline.. like.. I don't believe it's malicious.. but it sureas hell is grimy.. and my wild speculation.. after seeing the grind.. I think they are hoping that by the time mostpeople get to the point in the game.. where the content breaks down.. where the game isclearly unfinished, not just the appearance of bugs.. which there are many.. but not done..they will have had time to patch that in.. and try to get ahead of it. The thing that made me the most upset.. andI saved it for last.. because people will be like.. oh boohoo.. poor little whale..a fool and his money are easily parted.. but if you check out all the online stores andplaces to buy a founders pack.. you find 4 packages.. that range from around 50-200 Canadian. Now as with games with huge founder's packs..a $200 one obviously was met with criticism.. but wait.. theres more. There is a hidden founder's pack.. that youonly can see.. if you buy the largest founders pack.. and the upgrade for me.. is like another$140. This is whale hunting.. done poorly.. specificoffers targeted only at paying people.. hidden from the masses... who would roll their eyesto see a game with a close to $340 founder's pack. Now.. if you've followed me.. you know I havezero problem spending money on games.. and on games.. in support of them. So as I played Fortnite.. as I was this game is fun.. I bought the largest package in support ofthe game... and if that hidden pack was there.. I probably would have bought it instead.. justto show support. But I was actually streaming it when I boughtit.. and I would love if someone from that stream corraborated this in the comments..but I went from this mini rant.. about supporting people and projects you find value in.. andthe moment I bought it.. and this new package instantly popped up.. I went.. fuck this.. I think I want a refund. Again.. you might be like.. oh boohoo. But think about it like this right.. yourfriend tells you he forgot his lunch and asks if you can spare a couple bucks so he caneat. Across 3 different friends with varying disposableincome.. 1 guy might say.. yeah man.. it's not much..but here's 10 bucks.. get yourself a bigmac... the next friend.. goes.. heres 25.. stay awayfrom fast food go somewhere without a drive through... the last friend goes.. shit, you'rehaving a bad day.. lets make it a great day.. here's $100.. go somewhere fancy and treatyourself. Right.. all this done.. to help out.. to supporta friend they feel a type of way for.. but the tone completely changes.. if the friendturns around to the person who just gave him $100 for lunch.. and goes something like..hey man.. I probably won't bring money for lunch tomorrow..can you spare another $100. And it stops being about the dollar amount..and there is this feeling of being taken advantage of in such a direct way.. that.. dude.. I just don't get it.. all to.. not show thepack in the store? So much of how this game has been shown tothe public since it's final early access debut is just grimy.. and it's kind of strange..because I don't think it's malicious. And over the long years this game has beendeveloped.. it had always given off a for gamers.. by gamers vibe. They said the right things in the past.. monetizationwill only be cosmetics and maybe boosts.. they find the idea of time gates.. super lame. 

But I think somewhere in what appears to be..if you look into it.. developer hell.. in trying to get this game actually pushed outand playable.. they had to compremise.. and there might have been an outside influencethat you may be able to attribute certain things to. Now honestly.. The game is great. Everything else.. almost deserves to be reworked..entirely. Obviously.. that's not realistic. But as someone who has spent too much timeand money in various mobage, and early access and paid betas and freemium games.. the wayI see the whole thing.. is they've settled on a way of monetizing.. they've built a gamearound it.. they've pulled inspiration and features.. but are having a bit of an identitycrisis.. where they dont want to be.. or be perceived.. as what they are.. you can't playboth sides.. and all they are going to do.. is turn away the audiences on both sides. I honestly.. could keep going.. already toolong of a video. Fortnite.. Great game. Don't recommend.. until next time. This is Fevir. Peace. 

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